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Thibault Desombre

In the French pantheon of etiquette, lunch is an event to be savoured. Ideally with wine. And, better still, good company. With Ava, French designer Thibault Desombre extends the conviviality of the round table into a sumptuous oval extending style that can seat up to 10 people. Perfect for family reunions. As well as intimate everyday gatherings.


Table 130

Table 110


H 751 mm x DH 1300 mm
EXT: H 751 mm X DH 2170 mm

H 751 mm x DH 1100 mm
EXT: H 7510 mm X DH 2200 mm

H 751 mm x SQ 1300 mm
EXT: H 751 mm X W 1300 mm x D 2170 mm

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