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Philippe Nigro

The sofa can be considered a seating system of the new ''Controform'' trend, characterized by intersecting effects such as yin-yang or puzzle. Confluences will be loved by lovers of radical design and by those looking for a different sofa, by those who like the conviviality of colors and innovative seats. The seats are in 3-layer lamellar panel and plywood panels. The backrest is made of steel. The structure is covered in polyester foam and 100 g/m2 polyester wadding. The support feet are hidden and made of black polypropylene.


2 - 4 seater

2 - 3 seater


H 850 mmx W 3150 mm x D 1580 mm

H 850 mmx W 2400 mm x D 1520 mm

H 380 mm x W 350 mm D 350 mm

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