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Order in Hong Kong District 
Our delivery fee is free to all locations in Hong Kong district. As for the delivery days may take 3-7 days after the goods are delivered to Hong Kong. If our clients are willing to do self pick-up on their pieces, it is welcome to pick up at our warehouse. Clients could make a date with us for delivery after placing an order on web-site and this is free of charge.

Staircase charges

If the pieces' size is not good to fit in the lift, we are pleased to carry through staircases. Nevertheless, it is hoped to understand that it may take an additional charge through the process. As to the fee which based on the what level it is, and fee is directly paid to our delivery team on the delivery day. 

Shipping timings

Since items are tailored made in France and the delivery travelling to Hong Kong through shipping, delivery days may take over 6-9 months, it depands on what kind of items are ordered. It is hoped to understand that goods may take some months till the pieces reach to Hong Kong.

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